Spring and summer is a time when cat owners will notice a significant increase in the amount of cat hair covering their home. Spring and summer time is when your cat will shed its heavy winter coat in order to stay cool, resulting in cat hair being found all through the house.

To lessen the number of fur balls and hair found sticking to every corner of your house, regular brushing is the best way to deal with excess hair at the source. The best type of brush to use are slicker brushes suit to your cats coat type.

Long-haired cats benefit from a rake or comb which will dislodge dead hair. Cats with long hair should be brushed every two days.

Short-haired cats benefit from a soft slicker brush or a mitt. This loosens some of the hair close to their skin which causes irritation. Short-haired cats require less brushing than their long-haired counterparts.

When brushing your cat, it is important to pay attention to the amount of hair your cat is shedding. If this is more than previous years, or you notice bald patches, you should take your kitty to the vet as there may be a serious problem causing the excessive shedding.

If you are looking to reduces the amount of unwanted hair around the home and makes your kitty’s coat more manageable and easier to brush, including removing painful knots, our Shedd-Less Grooming package (from $30) at Sparkles Spa Grooming is the perfect solution.

All grooming services also include helpful handy tips on grooming your cats’ coat at home. We believe grooming at home should be a bonding experience for both you, and your cat.

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A Pampered Cat Is A Happy Cat