Tips for a Happy Cat


September is Happy Cat Month! To celebrate we are bringing you some Advice & a Competition to WIN a Cat Senses to make your cat happy!


What do Happy Cats have in their Diet?

A holistic Diet like the BlackHawk Cat Food. Another great treat is preservative free Kangaroo Meat.

Water: Cats are opportunistic water drinkers. Where are humans feel thirsty & seek out a drink, Cats will drink only if it is presented. Keep up their hydration levels by making sure their water bowls are in high traffic areas.


How Do Happy Cats like to Play?

SensesCats are naturally playful! When providing them with toys, make sure you rotate their toys, as like children, cats can grow bored of playing with the same thing all the time.

Want to avoid scratching & biting? Make sure you are not using your hands when you play with your cat. The cats then think your HANDS are the toy, which is why they bite & claw at it. Use stuffed toys or specific cat toys to dangle & bounce in front of them so they don’t scratch up your hands.


Happy Cats love having their own Area!

Cats are territorial creatures. By having an area of your home that is theirs to retreat to, they will avoid taking control of your bed! Their area can be a playroom, corner of the lounge area or any covered area they can access.


Happy Cats LOVE your company!

Even if your cat doesn’t like to be picked up or constantly petted, if you find that your cats is around you when you’re moving around the home – he loves you!

They also love you to talk to them. While you’re cooking, try talking to them and watch them interact with you and spend more time around.

Are you often out a lot during the day for work? Try leaving on your TV or Radio so the cats have noise & company while you’re gone. Calling out for them when you arrive home will also see them look forward to the love you give them when you arrive home each day.