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Passion & Peace of Mind


Why Choose Us?

Our  Luxury Cat Resort has been designed to give your cat the Purrfect Holiday and you Peace of Mind.


Health and wellbeing for cats is at the core of everything we do. With over 25 years of cat care and cat sitting experience, we have learned much about how to help cats relax and enjoy their time away from home. There is special nutrition, grooming and interactive activities to make sure your cat’s stay is enjoyable and they come home abundantly healthy and happy.

At Cat Utopia Resort we offer a safe and caring environment with a 24-hour on-site manager so you know your cat will enjoy their holiday with plenty of loving care.

Make your cat’s next holiday a blissful one at Cat Utopia Resort and enjoy your time away knowing that your precious kitty is in good hands.

5 Star Resort Purpose Built for Cat’s Only

  • Our Facility has been designed to optimise the wellbeing and happiness of our guest whilst their away from home. As parents of fur babies you can feel comfortable knowing that our guests settle quickly and enjoy their new environment and the many activities we have on offer.

5 Choices of Luxury Accommodation

  • Our Spacious walk in Suites are designed for one purpose, your cat’s enjoyment!!! All our Suites have a window looking out onto an abundance of wildlife.Our Imperial Suites, Chateau Suites and Penthouse Suites all have Heated Flooring and Air-Conditioning. Click here to view our Luxury Accommodation Suites

Staff that LOVE What they Do!

  • At Cat Utopia our staff are fully trained in all areas of health and wellness in caring for felines, all have extensive industry experience and are pure-hearted cat lovers themselves. Our family here at Cat Utopia treat all our guests with the same love and care that we do our own pets, so we would like you to meet the people who will be taking care of your cat during their holidays. Click Here to view Our Nannies.

Climate Control

  • Our central climate control system will ensure that your kitty is always at a comfortable and relaxing temperature. Warm in the winter and cool in the Australian summers. Our Imperial Suites, Orient Suites and Penthouse Suites all have Heated Flooring and Air-Conditioning.


Play Time Areas and Holiday Activities

  • At Cat Utopia we have a range of Play Time areas where your cat can relax, sleep, or play. Check out our Play Page and design a holiday your cat will Love! These holiday activities aim to keep your cat at an ultimate level of happiness. Some of these services are included when you book certain accommodation, so to spoil your cat make sure you look at all of our accommodation options.


Quality Products

  • All the products we use at Cat Utopia Resort are of the highest quality from the food we serve, Natural Cleaning Products, right down to the litter we use. No expense is spared in the care of your kitty


Day Spa Grooming Salon

  • No Sedation Cat Grooming available at our Sparkles Spa Salon. All grooming services are done by our Caring Nannies. Our Nannies understand Cats, and know exactly how to groom your cat, the way your cat loves!!!

Cat Utopia Grooming

LCD TV Screens

  • Our Imperial Suites and Penthouses have LCD TV Screens to watch entertaining cat movies playing mice, birds and fish.

Menu Options

  • Your cat’s luxurious stay includes several meal plan options. You can browse through our menu options here.


Soothing Music

  • Your pet will find itself relaxed by the soothing music playing throughout our Resort. At night we turn down the music so that they can have rejuvenating sleep.


24/7 Vet Access

  • We know how important your cat is to you because they are important to us too! We have a veterinarian on-call so that if any complications occur, we can offer veterinarian care. Our Nannies monitor your cat’s health as part of their daily routine.


Fresh Kitty Treats

  • No vacation is complete without being able to indulge in some snacks. We offer natural and healthy snacks for your Kitty. Tell our Nannies your cat’s favourite flavour and we will match their treat specifically to their tastes.


Pet Taxi – Exclusive Chauffeur

  • Cat Only Transport – Your Kitty will feel safe whilst in the care of our experienced Chauffeur . Click here to visit our Cat Taxi Page
 cat driving

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