Cat Utopia Boarding Resort & Spa Frequently Asked Questions
One of the most difficult decisions regarding your pet when going on holidays will be which cattery or boarding facility will you take them to when you go away. We hope that by exploring our frequently asked questions page it brings you peace of mind in knowing why your much loved family member will feel right at home here at Cat Utopia Boarding Resort and Spa and why we are the best of the best in feline boarding establishments.

Below are many of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.



Why should I choose Cat Utopia Boarding Resort & Spa as my cat’s ultimate holiday destination?
At Cat Utopia Resort we understand that nobody likes to leave their fur baby home alone or even with a pet sitter when they go on a holiday. Our facilities make leaving your much loved feline family member a much easier decision to make when you know they will be on a holiday too. We pride ourselves on our 5 Star Cat Resort, and in our care and love for all of our guests. Cat Utopia Resort is not just a place to board your fur baby; it’s their ultimate holiday destination! Their home away from home!
At Cat Utopia Resort we are dedicated to the highest quality and standards in all that we provide and all that we do. We aim for quality as an uncompromising standard for the service and TLC that we provide for all of our feline guests with no hidden extra costs unlike other boarding facilities.
Our nannies are all highly qualified and highly experienced and love what they do. Your fur baby will feel so loved, safe, happy and relaxed in the care of our Cat Utopia Resort nannies. Don’t take our word for it, read Testimonials from some of our return customers.
We also have a 24-hour onsite manager to ensure our guests are never alone. See our Our Nannies page on the website to see the wonderful nannies that will be caring for your precious fur baby while they are on holiday with us.

Cat Sitting

If you are thinking of getting a cat sitter in to care for your beloved kitty, here are a couple of things to think about.

Your friends, family and neighbours may have all good intentions, but they are not experts in caring for your cat.

Cats left unsupervised for prolonged periods get board and start to deviate from their normal behaviours. They start to venture further then what they normally would hoping to find their family and it’s not uncommon for them to get lost, injured and disappear. Indoor cats often develop bad toileting behaviours, such as spraying around the house, which can leave you with a large bill to clean and sometimes replace furniture and carpet.

Free range’ cats can be run over by a car, attacked by dogs or other cats. They can develop abscesses which, if not detected, can become fatal. Ticks are also another threat if not detected by the person caring for your beloved kitty.

Dietary behaviours can also change so often it is hard for your neighbour or carer to know if your cat is eating properly. Their food can go stale or eaten by another animal when left out. Cats can become distressed just by being alone causing them to fall ill because they don’t eat properly.



Does my fur baby have Accommodation options?
Yes, your fur baby has the choice of 5 luxury accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Cat Utopia Resort sets the benchmark in the quality and comfort of accommodation for our guests. Regardless of which accommodation package you choose for your fur baby all of our packages are 1st class, for their home away from home. See our accommodation page of the website for further information. accommodation

Can you accommodate more than one pussycat from the same family if staying together?
Yes we can. See our accommodation options for further information. We specialize in multiple cat families, give us a call!

Do you offer a discount for more than one pussycat from the same family when staying together?
Yes we do. See our accommodation page of the website for pricing information or call us to discuss your options.

Do you offer a discount for long-term boarding?
Yes we do. We offer a 5% discount for stays between 4-5 weeks, and a 10% discount for stays of 6 weeks or longer.
Note: This offer excludes the Christmas holiday period. These discounts are also NOT available with any other offer.
Can I bring kitty’s own bed and toys etc?
We understand your kitty may have favourite toys that they would like to bring on their holiday, but please understand that these toys may not always come home with you due to being washed. This may upset your cat so it’s best not to bring along any valuable belongings. We have plenty of toys and activities here at Cat Utopia Resort.

Can I come and see your facilities before deciding?
Yes you can. We would be happy to give you a tour of our Luxury Resort. As our staff – or nannies as we lovingly call them, are always busy attending to our guests, we ask that you phone first to organise a suitable time and day so that we can ensure that one of our lovely nannies is available to show you around Cat Utopia Resort.

Do you provide a pet taxi service?
Yes, we can organise a pre arranged Cat taxi service for an additional fee. We can organise both pick up and return home. Your kitty will have a personalised chauffeur to cater for your cats comfort.
We service Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region.

We have teamed up with Merewether Vet Hospital and Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

Click here to go to our Pet Chauffeur Page

My cat/kitten is active, is their ample room for my kitty to run around?
All of our rooms are spacious walk-in apartments for your cats comfort. We believe in keeping your cat entertained with all of our activities and 6 Play Gym areas overlooking tranquil gardens and acreage. All play areas are occupied by one cat or one family of cats only at a time.

Boarding Requirements

What is the minimum age and maximum age that I can send my kitty on holiday?
All kitties require their full F3 vaccination before boarding; most cats receive this before they are 12 weeks old. So although there is no minimum age, there is a requirement for vaccinations.

Do they need to be vaccinated?
Yes. F3 or F4 given 10 days or greater before check in.
Please note; the further away from check in you vaccinate your pet the stronger protection they will have. To ensure full protection for all pets boarding at Cat Utopia each pet must be fully vaccinated. Verification of up-to-date vaccinations is required and we ask clients to present their current certificates prior to boarding with us.

What happens if my fur baby gets sick while on holidays?
Your kitty will be fully assessed daily by the nannies and if any problems arise we will not hesitate to contact you and take your baby to our vet for further care. Vet is a 3min drive from our Resort.

My fur baby has a pre-existing medical condition; can they still holiday at Cat Utopia?
All allergies and ailments must be declared when booking in, so that we know how best to care for your fur baby in your absence. Diabetic cats are most welcome; we can accommodate to round the clock care.

My kitty has just started taking medication, are your nannies able to make sure kitty gets their medication while on holidays with you?
Our staff are experienced and fully trained to perform such services, if need be. If your cat is on medication, we would appreciate it if you give us details at the time of booking and bring ALL medications with you when checking in. We do administer injections, though you need to check with the Manager that we can do so in your circumstance.

Do you have a minimum amount of days my kitty can stay?
Cat Utopia has minimum booking requirements as follows:
2-day minimum booking throughout the year.
Easter holidays: 5-day minimum booking.
Christmas & New Year break: 8-day minimum booking (18 December – 18 January).
Your cat is not required to stay the full minimum booking, but you will be charged the minimum booking fee.
Peak / Holiday Rates = All NSW State & Private School Holidays & NSW Public Holidays – please add $2 per accommodation per night.

Do you cater for kitties on special diets or with special needs?
Yes we can. All of our nannies are fully trained to care for kitties with special needs and special diets. Please discuss details at the time of booking.

My cat has behaviour problems are you able to accommodate them?
Yes we are able to care for all types of cats. We have different accommodation options, which we can help you decide on according to what your cat needs. Amanda has 19years experience and can also conduct a behavioural assessment on your cat. Please see our behaviour consultation page for more information

My cat has been in other boarding before & did not cope well?
We do hear of this a lot as most boarding facilities are for both dogs & cats. Cat Utopia is feline only – we only cater for cats and our resort is specially designed for what cats need to feel safe and secure, as this is the most important thing in a felines mind. Remember they are our pets, our loved ones and an important and special part of our family. We know what it takes to help your fur babies’ transition away from home to be as smooth and stress free as possible.


What food is given?
At Cat Utopia our nannies spend a lot of time preparing our guests meals with TLC. Although our guests receive 2 meals a day, if your kitty requires more or less meals we are able to accommodate this. Please phone to discuss your requirements ahead of kitty’s holiday. See the Menu page on the website for further information.
We specialize in giving your cat its home diet; this ensures a smooth transition from home to holiday. Our main dried food given is Australian made holistic Black Hawk

How many meals do they get per day?
We give all of our guests two meals per day – breakfast & dinner.
We also have a kitten & a senior’s package, which includes the extra meal options. extra services

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring kitty’s own food if you wish – though it’s not necessary. Unlike other boarding facilities that can charge you up to $3 extra per meal to serve your fur baby their own food if you do we do not charge any extra for this service.

Will my cat eat?
We have heard that this can be a problem in some boarding establishments & with house sitting. After over 21 years of caring for all types of fussy eaters we never have any problems as we give your cat a smorgasbord if they are a bit fussy. If we find your cat is fussy on their selected room menu, we will cater for your cats taste, you will be charged accordingly. This is in the best interest for your cat.

Does it smell like a cattery?
No, we have a lot of our customers expressing they cannot smell any cats or other cat smells and that it always smells lovely and not what they may have expected. We ensure only the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are followed. Come in and decide for yourself!

Play Time

Are they allowed out of their room?
Yes, they have running or strolling around time, as well as visiting one of the gyms in their part of the facility depending on their accommodation package. We pride ourselves on giving all of our guest some TLF time (tender loving fun time)!

How much time is spent with my kitty each day
We treat all of our feline guests as the wonderful individuals that they are & spend as much time as possible to keep your kitty happy. Though some breeds of cats – along with very human orientated cats – which include cats that have a lot of human contact throughout the day when they are at home may need extra nanny time and this is when you can  Design your kitty’s Play Time depending on their personality with our extensive list of Holiday Activities. Or if they are more the Pamper Kitty see our Sparkles Spa Cat Salon – Our Kitty Day Spa!

Do you let them socialise with other cats?

No – our guests do not come into contact with other cats that are not from the same family. We find that all cats have different natures, some are bossy & some are timid and this can create more of the undesirable behaviours to be more elevated & may cause problems at home. All areas within Cat Utopia Resort are non communal for physical and mental wellness.

Our Jungle Gym Play Area
Our Jungle Gym Play Area features a gum tree for our furry guests to climb, scratch and relax on. This interactive play area consists of an LCD TV screen with cat movies for your cat’s pleasure and floor-to-ceiling glass panels for viewing the Japanese garden with its abundance of birds, lizards and insects that are sure to keep your cat visually stimulated and entertained. Included in the Jungle Gym are numerous places for your cat to relax and enjoy soaking up the glorious sun. We make them feel safe & secure with our wonderfully designed rooms & cosy places to rest. This also makes for a more enjoyable holiday. We guarantee no mixed play-time in our Jungle Gym Play Area or throughout our facility.

Can my cat go outside?
We are pleased to announce we have a wonderfully designed facility that incorporates the outside in as much as can be done without bringing all the nasties in.

Am I able to see if my Fur baby is enjoying their holiday?
You can choose the Facebook Photo Album option for $25 to see a photo album of your cat’s holiday!


My cat gets brushed every day at home, are you able to accommodate this?
Yes we are able to brush you kitty daily. If your kitty is susceptible to knots we can either do a professional groom to your requirements or we can do a daily brush for a small additional charge.

Why do you require my kitty’s nails to be clipped?
This is a compulsory protocol we have for the safety of your kitty just in case he/she get any of their claws stuck in any materials.
Also, we have helped some kitties where their owner has not noticed that their claws were growing into their pads, so it is good to check every now & again, & especially for old age cats to be checked monthly.

Our Transit Lounge

The convenience of our onsite transit lounge provides the opportunity to check in and out of our cat boarding facility both day and night, the ideal luxury for travelling families.

How it works – it is easy!

All you have to do is let us know when you are checking in or checking out and we will have your cat’s accommodation ready or your cat waiting for you in the Transit Lounge for you to take home. Click here to Learn More


Where is CatUtopia located?
We are located in Doyalson on the beautiful Central Coast, 1 Hour North of Sydney & 40 minutes South of Newcastle and only minutes off the F3 (M1) on lovely coastal acreage.

After your cat’s holiday

Please understand that your cat/s are our #1 priority and that does not stop once you leave out the door

Cats are very clever creatures & can have some very interesting behaviours when returning home after their holiday


There is usually one of two ATTITUDES you will experience from your kitty when returning home


What you can expect…

  1. The Snub—They may snub you totally, or hide around the house, or wander around the house (they are checking that their house is safe and that there is no intruders). All the time working on the guilt factor. Don’t forget, cats are very clever and know what they are doing.
  2. The Rash -They are all over you like a rash and won’t leave you alone. They may follow you everywhere and even want to do things they have never done before like sit in your lap! What does this mean? They are really just trying to say they missed you and are glad to be home. Again, another tactic to make you feel guilty perhaps?..


What you can do….

Well if your cat is not usually affectionate, make the most of the Rash behaviour as it will not last too long.

As for the snub, well also this will not last that long—remember you are the giver of food—they also remember this.

Seriously if you are at all worried then keep them inside for a couple of days—especially if it is their first visit to a cat boarding facility, first time away from home, or they do have a tendency to wander off for a couple of days at a time. It wont be long until they are back to their usual behaviour.

No matter how well they were when they were on holidays, they may go off their food when they get home. This is not unusual. You will find after a day or two after returning home they will be back into their old routine.

If you are at all concerned please call us and we may be able to shed light on your cats behaviour.

Phone: 02 4358 2608

Email: info@catutopia.com.au