My Holiday Itinerary


Oooo! Here come the Nannies!!
Yep, cleaning up my litter tray.
Some cuddles, alright I’m getting out of my igloo for this one!
Mmmmm BREAKFAST!!!!!! Here comes my first course!
Here come the Nannies again to tidy up my room, oh, they’re talking to me again, when will they realize I don’t speak human. Oh well, just give me another chin scratch, Nanny.

Mid Morning

ITS PLAAAAAY TIME – wonder which activity my parents got me this time!
I wonder if I can help the Nannies? I’ll go ask. Or I’ll just follow them around for a while and make sure they’re doing their job at least.
I’m getting a bit sleepy..


Nap Time zzzzzzz


Activity! Woohoo!
Uh oh, heres my photoshoot for my Facebook Album my Mum got me. Let me just groom my ears real quick. I wanna look my best.
Even better – The Nannies brought out the brush, now I’m going to look purrrrfect.

Night time

DINNER TIME! Everyone goes crazy when they hear that trolley.
Oh my, I’m SO sleepy… Nannies tuck me into bed. Wonder what will be in store for tomorrow….zzzzzz

Or for the more serious version…. see below

The nannies start every day by serving breakfast to your cat and giving them a morning cuddle, making up their bed and hygienically cleaning their suite. After our guest has finished eating their breakfast, they receive their additional daily activities throughout the day with the nannies. They end their fun-filled day with their favourite dinner meal being dished up then they’re tucked into bed for a good night’s sleep, ready for the next day!


What’s included in our accommodation:

  • FREE morning when picking up before 11am
  • Large walk in spacious rooms
  • Temperature controlled
  • Scratching Post
  • Comfortable lambswool bedding
  • Hidey holes and Igloos
  • Fed Premium food twice per day
  • Moist food given at night
  • Toys & Interactive toys
  • Access to our Play Gyms and Play Equipment
  • Every apartment has their own private window
  • Daily interaction with our Nannies
  • Heated flooring for Orient, Imperial & Penthouse
  • Flat TV’s screens with entertainer cat movies
  • 5 Indoor/outdoor play areas (no communal living)
  • Daily activities programs
  • and most importantly TLC from our Nannies