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Here at Cat Utopia we LOVE great products!

We believe in holistic quality Australian Made foods for both Cats & Dogs.

All products can be picked up from our Transit Lounge at Cat Utopia North Doyalson FREE of charge.

Senses Playcircuit Interactive Toy




Blackhawk Cat & Dog Food

Blackhawk Feline Chk & Rice 3kg $26



Blackhawk Feline Grain Free Chicken 3kg $36




Mod Capsule $99

Mod Capsules*Alfie pictured
Mod Capsule Carry Cages that also act as a bed. Great for Cats that don’t enjoy travelling. Leave out at home as a bed, you’re cat soon finds this his safe zone which soon makes for easy and relaxed travelling when it comes time to come to Cat Utopia! ;)



Mod Dream Pod $69
mod dream pod

These hidey hole designed Pods are excellent beds for Cats that just love to get into small places.



Mod Sleeper $55

mod sleeper

Similar to the Dream Pod Sleeper, only, no top! Great for any Cats or Small Dogs.



Joint Guard $44
Joint Guard2

We can’t love this product more. This is a natural supplement used for both Cats & Dogs to help their joint movements and overall well-being. Recommended for any Cats or Dogs age 12 and over. Or younger cats that have been prone to injury.



Thunder Shirt Solution for Cat Anxiety $50

Thunder Shirt2

A great product for Cats with anxiety during storms. Easy to use.



Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System $90

Cat Toilet Training

If you haven’t started your Cat on the Litter Kwitter, now is the time! You will save hundreds of dollars on Litter per year, and of course, no mess! Easy instructions and it’s been proven to work. Chat to some of our Nannies to find out more information. They all have their Cats’ trained to use the Litter Kwitter at home too!