How to Keep your Cat on the Move: The Value of Cat Exercise

They say a fat cat is a happy cat but that’s not always true.

Actually, without regular physical and mental stimulation, even cats on a healthy diet can become disconnected and show signs of depression.

Jumping and climbing are the best exercises for your cat, depending on their age and physical condition. Even if kitty is out of shape, there are plenty of ways to keep them moving without exhausting them or yourself!

  1. Have a playdate with your cat – We all know that kittens love to play but even older cats respond to play with their closest human. For a few minutes every day, spend some quality time with your cat, using crumpled paper, a ball or a light source, to get it interested. Introduce new challenges as the cat grows in confidence and trust.
  2. Create a kitty ‘exercise zone’. It’s worth the investment to buy a sturdy scratching pole that won’t move.  (The well-carpeted poles are great.) An activity zone could be as simple as a cardboard box with ping pong balls inside (don’t forget to make air holes!) for interest.  Eventually the cat will recognise this as the place to stretch their muscles, going there without your encouragement.
  3. Felines are visual creatures, particularly as part of their predator instinct. Safe activities that stimulate the hunt keep your cat alert and interested. Popular toys on a string encourage the cat to chase and eventually catch the ‘prey’. Another hunting game involves hiding treats and rewards inside, behind or under things, challenging the cat to locate them. These activities are done in an outdoor enclosed space or inside, to protect your buddy from the negative aspects of being a predator. Ask Cat Utopia about our pop-up play enclosures to keep kitty safe outdoors.

Make sure to book Cat Utopia’s popular Jungle Gym and Outside Play Time sessions to make your kitty’s holiday exciting and to build some movement into their relaxation schedule.

Make sure to book Cat Utopia’s popular Jungle Gym and Outside Play Time sessions to add to your kitty’s holiday for their entertainment and enjoyment and to build some exercise into their relaxation schedule.

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