All our luxury suites are walk in size with their own private window looking onto our tranquil gardens with plenty of sunlight and wildlife for your kitty’s enjoyment.

We have 5 levels of accommodation to choose from catering for the budget conscious to the very long term stays.

Pentouse Suites
Imperial Suites
Orient Suites
Promenade Suites
Classique Suites

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Explore our 5 star suites

Penthouse Suites

The Penthouse Suite is the purrfect “All Inclusive” Luxury Holiday for the very spoilt Kitty! Enrichment Programs, private windows, air-conditioning & heating flooring, TV Screens with cat enrichment videos.
$90 pn*

Imperial Suites

Extremely spacious & specially designed luxury Imperial Suite with their own private windows, air-conditioning & heating flooring, TV Screens with cat enrichment videos.
$48 pn*

Promenade Suites

Purrfect for Cats that love to laze in the sun with Floor to ceiling window to view of our beautifully landscaped gardens

$37 pn*

Classique Suites

Large walk-in sized suite with private windows to view our Japanese themed Water Garden with lots of wildlife to keep your kitty entertained
$27 pn*

Orient Suites

Orient Suites are custom designed condos with air-conditioning & heating for our more Senior Guests with a seniors package included
$42 pn*

Our signature TLC Program is included in all our suites

Interaction with Nannies, Gentle Brushing (does not include grooming or knot removal), Daily Monitoring of Emotions, Daily Monitoring of Health.

We offer a variety of enrichment programs to suite each individual cat, please speak with one of our nannies who would love to customise a your cat’s personalised holiday.


Please contact our friendly nannies for a personalised quote

We understand the emotions behind leaving a loved one in someone else’s care. We are a passionate, professional, caring team and we are here to help provide individualised care for your feline friend. We offer an all inclusive service from individualised care and attention to premium diet with added services such as cuddle time, play time and grooming service.