About our team

Cat Utopia staff love cats. A lot. They are fully trained in feline health and wellness and have extensive industry experience.

Our family here at Cat Utopia treats all our guests with the same love and care that we do our own pets. Meet the lovely people who will be caring for while you’re away.

Amanda Sweeting

Founder & Nannie

Cat Utopia emerged out of Amanda’s experience working in the pet industry, where found she could not guarantee the care and safety of cats due to their roaming nature.  So she dreamed of creating a luxury facility that would forever challenge the popular concept of cat boarding.

That facility is Cat Utopia, Australia’s leading luxury boutique cat resort in Australia which promotes the wellbeing and happiness of our guests, based on the physiology, behaviours and instincts of different cats. This environment creates happiness, contentment and the feeling of being safe, essential factors for our feline friends.

After 27 years in the Cat Boarding / Sitting Industry, Amanda understands how cats behave and think. Amanda has profound knowledge in the feline world.

Amanda is now a grandma to Laura, Madeline, Xavier and Isabelle. When she is not at Cat Utopia, she is with the kids and loving it.

I’ve enjoyed a life surrounded by animals. I’ve raised kittens, puppies, birds, chickens and even a wombat. 

I’ve studied and worked in vet nursing and also horticulture. So not only can I love and care for your feline family member, I can care for their cat grass as well. Currently living my 2 cats and 3 dogs.

I have worked at Cat Utopia Resort for over 6 years. I absolutely love meeting and caring for all our guests.

I have grown up with cats and have worked at Cat Utopia since 2021. 

My kitty cats are loud and crazy Siamese.

My main priority is that your kitty cat is always entertained, comfortable, content and have lots of snuggles.

Cat Utopia is a family owned and operated business and since Amanda is my Mum, I have been involved in caring for the kitty cats for a very long time :). Having worked with cats for so long I have a great understanding of how cats behave and how to keep them happy. I have always loved animals. I find it so very rewarding making our furry guests happy and relaxed.

I have two children Laura and Xavier. and two puppies, named Milo and Jay Jay and a kitty cat named Teddy.