About our team

Cat Utopia staff love cats. A lot. They are fully trained in feline health and wellness and have extensive industry experience.

Our family here at Cat Utopia treats all our guests with the same love and care that we do our own pets. Meet the lovely people who will be caring for while you’re away.

Amanda Sweeting

Founder & Nannie

Amanda Sweeting’s journey in the pet industry spans over 30 years and is a testament to her dedication to the well-being and safety of cats. Amanda identified a gap in traditional cat boarding, recognising the challenges posed by the roaming nature of cats and the difficulty in guaranteeing their care and safety.

Driven by a passion for feline welfare, Amanda envisioned and brought to life Cat Utopia, a luxurious boutique cat resort that redefines the conventional notion of cat boarding. This facility stands as a pioneer in Australia, prioritising the happiness and well-being of its feline guests.

Cat Utopia is designed with a deep understanding of cat physiology, behaviours, and instincts. By aligning the environment with these factors, the resort aims to create an atmosphere of happiness, contentment, and safety—crucial elements for the overall satisfaction of our feline friends.

Amanda’s extensive experience in the Cat Boarding/Sitting Industry reflects not only her commitment but also her profound knowledge of the feline world. Her expertise, gained over three decades, positions Cat Utopia as a leader in providing a secure, nurturing, and luxurious haven for cats.

Through Cat Utopia, Amanda has not only addressed the challenges of traditional cat boarding but has also set a new standard for feline care, enriching the lives of cats and bringing peace of mind to their owners. The legacy of Cat Utopia stands as a beacon for exceptional cat-centric care in the pet industry.

Trudie Clark brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for animals to Cat Utopia. With a life surrounded by various creatures, including kittens, puppies, birds, chickens, and even a wombat, Trudie has cultivated a deep understanding of the diverse needs and behaviours of different species.

Her academic and professional background in vet nursing and horticulture adds a valuable layer to her skill set. Trudie not only excels in providing love and care for feline family members but also extends her expertise to the realm of plant care, including cat grass. This dual capability showcases her dedication to the holistic well-being of the guests at Cat Utopia.

Currently sharing her home with two cats and two dogs, Trudie’s personal connection with animals extends beyond the workplace. Her presence at Cat Utopia for over six years reflects a long-standing commitment to the resort’s mission. Her love for meeting and caring for all guests contributes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that defines Cat Utopia as a premier destination for feline companions.

Trudie’s multifaceted skills, coupled with her genuine love for animals, make her an invaluable asset to the Cat Utopia team. Her extensive experience and dedication ensure that each guest receives the highest standard of care, creating an environment that prioritises the happiness and well-being of every feline visitor.

Tazman Clark brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of personal experience to Cat Utopia since joining the team in 2021. Growing up surrounded by cats, Tazman’s affinity for feline friends is rooted in a lifetime of shared experiences.

At home, Tazman’s own kitties, Max the Siamese and Joey the Burmese, are described as loud and crazy, adding a touch of personal understanding to the unique and varied behaviours of our feline companions.

As a caregiver at Cat Utopia, Tazman’s main priority is clear: ensuring that every kitty cat is not only entertained but also comfortable, content, and receives an abundance of snuggles. This commitment to the well-being and happiness of the resort’s guests aligns with Cat Utopia’s mission to provide a nurturing and enjoyable environment.

Tazman’s genuine love for cats, coupled with a hands-on approach to ensuring their satisfaction, contributes to the positive and welcoming atmosphere at Cat Utopia. With a focus on personalized care, Tazman strives to make each kitty cat’s experience at the resort memorable and filled with warmth.

Becca Sweeting brings a personal touch to Cat Utopia as a key member of the family-owned and operated business. Being Amanda Sweeting’s daughter, Becca’s involvement in caring for the kitty cats spans a significant period, reflecting a lifelong commitment to feline welfare.

With extensive experience in working with cats, Becca has developed a profound understanding of their behaviour, needs, and preferences. This hands-on experience equips her with the knowledge to ensure the happiness and well-being of the furry guests at Cat Utopia.

Beyond her technical expertise, Becca’s genuine love for animals shines through in her role. She finds immense joy and satisfaction in making the resort’s furry guests feel happy and relaxed. This passion contributes to the warm and nurturing environment that defines Cat Utopia, making it a home away from home for the feline visitors.

As a valuable member of the Cat Utopia team, Becca Sweeting plays a crucial role in upholding the vision of the resort – providing a luxurious and caring space that challenges traditional concepts of cat boarding. Her dedication and love for animals contribute to the overall success of Cat Utopia as a haven for cats seeking comfort and companionship.

Mel Pratten brings a genuine and heartfelt love for animals to her role at Cat Utopia, making her a cherished member of the team. As a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady,” Mel’s passion for animals is evident not only in her professional life but also in her personal life, where she shares her home with a diverse family of 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 turtle, and many more animal companions.

Mel’s commitment to the well-being of animals goes beyond her role at Cat Utopia. She has actively fostered cats and dogs, finding it to be a rewarding experience. This hands-on involvement, coupled with her formal education in vet nursing and a certificate in animal studies, positions Mel as a well-rounded and knowledgeable caregiver.

With over 6 years of dedicated service at Cat Utopia Resort, Mel has become an integral part of the team. Her role involves not just basic care but a commitment to spoiling the resort’s furry guests, ensuring their holiday experience is not only comfortable but also enjoyable.

Mel’s deep connection with animals, coupled with her professional expertise, contributes to the warm and inviting atmosphere at Cat Utopia. Her commitment to making each kitty cat’s holiday special is a testament to the resort’s mission of providing a luxurious and caring environment that prioritises the happiness of its feline visitors.