Here’s what just a few of our happy customers have to say about Cat Utopia.

What our Customers have to say...

Carole – Buddy

We have been taking our boy to Cat Utopia for some time now and he loves it. We used to have family come in and feed him while we were away, but we feel more comfortable with the Nannies at Cat Utopia. I would recommend them to anyone…..

Kim – William & George

I wouldn’t take my two fur babies anywhere else. They’re happy when I pick them up 🙂 this gives me complete peace of mind, which is priceless, but the cost of lodging here at Cat Utopia is a great value for the quality and size of the rooms. Small boxes at the vet are only $10 cheaper a night. The staff are friendly, profession and knowledgeable. Couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received.

Kelly – Ace

Thank you to the Nannies for looking after my boy Ace, he came back so cuddly and happy! He will be back for another visit at the end of the year.

Bridget – Coco & Tiger

Wow just watched our babies Coco & Tiger on Cat Utopia video, so wonderful to see them from so far away! (we are in the states) Thank you sooooo much!

Trudy – Willow & Tinkerbelle

It’s such a comfort to know that our cats are cared for so well by the Nannies. Thank you from Willow and Tinkerbelle’s Mummy’s.

Kathy – Nelson

Cat Utopia is the best. They always look after Nelson who’s a cranky old man cat. I have no issue with recommending Cat Utopia to anyone.

April – Millie, Sookie, Coco & Loki

So excited to send my beautiful four cats to Cat Utopia the love and care that I have found is amazing. Millie, Sookie, Coco and Loki will holiday with quality facilities and 5 star care and attention.

Alanna – Katie

I can not speak highly enough of this place they the Nannies are all so loving and caring and it’s just beautifully clean and modern and lots for them to do too. My Gypsy has always loved having her holiday here 🙂 she loves the Jungle Gym too and having a pampered bath too :). I know I can leave Gypsy either for a short holiday or a long holiday and I can go away knowing she is very well looked after.

Thanks so much for everything. We will definitely be bringing Katie to Cat Utopia next time we go away.

Katie absolutely loved Cat Utopia. She is a 7 month old kitten and last time we went away we took her to a vet and she cam home extremely distressed. When we cam to pick Katie up from Cat Utopia Nicole showed us where she was staying and she was so calm and happy. The rooms were very clean and it didn’t smell at all.

They are very professional and extremely caring. I highly recommend Cat Utopia for their 5 star cat service. I feel extremely confident that Katie is safe and cared for 🙂


Absolutely the only place to take your kitty cats. They really care and my cats are always happy on their holidays. My cats also get groomed at Cat Utopia and they love it 🙂

Stephanie – Mr Maggi

Mr Maggi was his usual relaxed, chilled out and loving pussycat on his return from Cat Utopia. I must say the Spa Bath he had certainly fluffed him up all over and he absolutely sparkled!! Best wishes and thank you from all of us.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Cat Utopia for the care shown for my two cats during their Christmas stay. I had introduced a new kitten into the family where I already had an adult male cat. There were a lot of hisses and growling between the two for sometime. As their holiday was approaching with Cat Utopia I was beginning to worry that they would not get along given they had to share an apartment. To my surprise, they not only got along but are now best friends. When I got them home, the hissing and growling was gone and they now share food bowls. They chase each other around the backyard and sleep on the bed together.

What a transformation 🙂 I can only attribute this to their stay at Cat Utopia and the care they received. Thanks Nannies for helping my 2 cats become best friends 🙂

Tracey – Mittens

Mittens has been great since she cam home – instantly settled and very cuddly. She was much much happier than her previous stay at another cattery. Mittens will definitely be back for a stay with you.

Gareth U – Atlas

Amanda and the Nannies are both profession and personable and I had no hesitation in leaving Atlas with them. The prices for both boarding and additional services are reasonable for this top-notch facility, which was both clean and inviting. Two claws up from Atlas, who enjoyed his stay VERY much, Thank you!

Margaret – Smokey

Thank you all so much for looking after Smokey so well and for her wonderful accommodation. Thank you for all the care you gave her, we are very grateful and impressed with the way you look after the cat boarding. Smokey settled in back home well with no problems. Many Thanks.



Sandra Delara – 5 stars – 4th January 2017

I’d give them more than 5 stars if I could!
We just picked up our cats from a 3 week stay, and we are super impressed with Cat Utopia – It was worth every penny…! The ladies there have been lovely right from our first enquiry and tour of the facilities. Our cats have previously stayed at another popular boutique cat boarding place in Sydney, but I have to say Cat Utopia was world’s better. The rooms are extremely spacious and full of natural light as well as being beautifully decorated. Lilly and Moses even had their own small outdoor patio attached to their room. I don’t know how they do it, but Cat Utopia is squeaky clean and even smells lovely. Our cats came home relaxed and happy and were even given some small toys as gifts from Cat Utopia. We really enjoyed the photos we were sent of them relaxing in their room and exploring the jungle gym. From the stories the staff told us when we picked the cats up, it was obvious that they had gotten to know Lilly and Moses and understand their little quirks and that they genuinely cared about them. Highly recommend!

Irvin Delara – 5 Stars – 11th January 2017

My missus and I thought that the ladies here are worth (way) more than the max 5 stars she could review them with so I’ll throw on another 5. Thanks ladies and will definitely be seeing you again later this year

Andrea Glover – 5 Stars – 26th September 2016

I fetched little Chloe after her first ever stay at Cat Utopia and she has settled home beautifully. Amanda and the lovely nannies do an amazing job there and I had no doubt that Chloe would be well cared for. They cared for our old ragdoll Tombi for 18 years and we were always totally relaxed on holidays knowing that our furry friend was in the best hands. Thank you from Andrea, Mike and Chloe Glover

Louise Bailey – 5 Stars – 10th July 2016

We can’t believe how lucky we are to live close to such a high quality resort for cats! Amanda recently was able to accommodated our 2 Birmans one being 4 months old while we had our house sprayed at short notice in the school holidays. All worry and guilt at leaving our fur babies soon disappeared when we realised this wasn’t just a boarding facility, our cats were going on a luxury holiday. With heated flooring, suites that look like a bedroom and extras like the jungle gym, interactive toys, one on one attention from the nannies, they were in loving nurturing arms. The Transit lounge is secure and beautiful. There was even a toy for our cats pinned on the Condo. Our cats smelled and looked stunning and were so settled and calm when we picked them up. They were very affectionate also its obvious they were thoroughly sooked up and looked after well. I had no hesitation recommending Cat Utopia. It’s obvious they genuinely love cats. 

Peace of Mind – 5 Stars

Hi Amanda and Nannies – I have recommended your services to everyone I know – you made my holiday much more relaxing knowing that he was in safe hands – Thank you so much for everything. – Garfield and Tracey.

Purrfect – 5 Stars

It took me along time to find a cattery in the Newcastle region which I was happy with. Since I found Cat Utopia, I have peace-of-mind knowing that my cat is being cared for like at home or even better. Cat Utopia looks after both the physical and emotional needs of the cat. Sometimes I even wonder if my cat, meow, wants to come home after the attention she receives at Cat Utopia. My cat has boarded at Cat Utopia many times both short and long stay and I can not recommend the cattery highly enough. Meow – 4th May 2015

Fussy Eater – 5 Stars

Good Morning Amanda and all the staff at Cat Utopia. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for your love and care you gave Rosie. She has been returned to me just as she always was – gentle and sweet. – Rosie 29th April 2015

Awesome! – 5 Stars

Left my almost 2 year old here for a week. Upon return I was pleasantly surprised as several “Nannies” told me who which toys were her favourites and they discovered she is trained to do a few trick. Obviously they spent one on one time with her! The facility is spotless. The “rooms” huge and the play areas are incredible. This Reg’d Vet Tech was more than impressed! – Midge 25th March 2015