Check In


Thank you for choosing Cat Utopia Resort & Spa for your cat’s holiday

Please read below to become familiar with our checking in process and what you need to bring with you to make your check in and your cats holiday a happy and relaxing one.

Booking Confirmation

Please re-check your booking confirmation emailed to you. Let us know ASAP if there are any errors or changes by emailing us or by phone in advance.

Enrichment Programs

We offer a variety of enrichment programs to suite each individual cat, please speak with one of our nannies who would love to tailor make your cat’s personalised holiday.

If felines sent postcards, you an just imagine what they’d say! so much fun and variety for cats of every kind with our Jungle Gym, Outside Play Gym, Cuddle Time and Office Time.

Enrichment Program Menu

Checking In

We understand the emotions behind leaving a loved one in someone else’s care. We are a passionate, professional, caring team and are here for both you and your feline friend!

Our first-time customers will be provided with a one on one viewing of your cat’s suite and you will be able to see them off on their fun-filled holiday (this can not be done in peak periods December/January). We find this will ease your mind and make your holiday or venture a lot more relaxing.  We do ask that this is only for first-time customers as we do try to limit the number of people going through the resort as we want our fur guests to relax and have fun.

For all subsequent visits, our nannies will look after your cat as if he/she was their own, and help them quickly settle into the suite.

When you arrive, make sure you keep your cat well secured in an escape-proof carry cage.

Our nannies are looking forward to meeting your furry friend and taking care of them on their holiday here at Cat Utopia Resort!

Please arrive at reception at the time you have notified us on your booking confirmation.

At Cat Utopia Our fur Guests are our No 1. Priority and we spend a lot of time with them that is why we have limited hours for Check Ins / Check Outs and Resort Tours (Reception Hours). 

Reception Hours for Check In / Check Outs and Resort Tours are:

Monday – Saturday 8:30am to 11:00am ~ Closed on Sundays

Office Hours for contact via phone & emails are:

Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 5pm ~ Closed on Sundays

Transit Lounge

If you are coming out of hours please see our After Hours Transit Lounge for additional information regarding this service or speak with one of our nannies.

Please note: we do require 48 hours notice to change the checking in time. Once you have checked in your check out time can not be changed.

After Hours Check In and Check Outs via Our Transit Lounge by Appt Only

Monday – Saturday 3pm – 5pm

Sunday 9am – 11am – 3pm-5pm

Fees do apply for usage on Sundays $15

View more about the Transit Lounge.

Things to remember to bring with you

  • Current Vaccination Certificate
  • Flea prevention is essential for all cats  and must be applied every month
  • Worm prevention is essential for all cats and must be administered every 3 months
  • 2 Alternate Contact Person Numbers and Emails for this stay – in case of emergency or questions
  • Details of special medication (Vets instructions) – plus enough medication to last the duration of your cat’s stay
  • Special Dietary / Prescription Food if applicable and labeled with cat’s name and last name.

Please do not bring belongings with your cat as our aim is to make all kitties feel comfortable with our beautiful bedding and furnishings. 

Dining at Cat Utopia

It is known that cats can be finicky about food when they experience change.  We pride ourselves that all our guests enjoy their meals especially our fussy eaters.

We do this by being very precise about finding out what your cat likes to eat. All cats have individual likes with brands flavours & textures. 

Please click the below link for your cats menu options, if your cats diet is not included in their accommodation or is a special or prescription diet, please supply the right amount of food for your cats stay and label with surname and cats name.

View menu options.

We encourage you to bring your cats preferred food. This may make their holiday less disruptive. There are no additional charges to BYO.

If your cat requires an extra meal there is a cost of $3. All our guests are fed dried food for breakfast and moist food for dinner and topped up with dried food throughout the day if required.


A pedicure / nail clip is compulsory for all cat’s boarding at our resort. We ask that this is done only a week before boarding. If you are unable to clip your cat’s nails, we are able to do this for a charge of $10 per cat.


Cats require minimum F3 annually – Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu (F3 or F4).

To ensure the safety and comfort of your cat and our other guests, a vaccination certificate must be produced on arrival or can be emailed prior to check in.

Vaccinations take up to 14 days to take effect if they have not kept them up to date.

Flea Prevention

Flea Control to be done every month (even if your cat is an inside only cat) and must be up to date. If your cat’s flea prevention is due whilst staying at Cat Utopia we will apply at a cost of $15 and this will be added to your account. You are more than welcome to supply your own and we will apply at a cost of $5 and this will be added to your account.

Worm Prevention

Worm Control to be done every 3 months (even if your cat is an inside cat) and must be up to date whilst staying at our resort. If your cat’s worm prevention is due whilst staying at Cat Utopia we will administer at a cost of $15 and this will be added to your account. You are more than welcome to supply your own and we will administer at cost of $5 and this will be added to your account.


At Cat Utopia Resort our nannies are fully trained in administering all types of medication. If your prescription medication instructions differ from the Vet’s instructions on the label on the bottle or pack, please contact your Vets to write a letter with the new instructions so we can accurately administer medication.

We cannot accept prescription medications in any other container or with any other instructions.

Unfortunately, we do not take cats who are on insulin injections. 

We charge a $3 fee for each medication or additive to the pet’s meals.

TLC Program

Our signature TLC Program is included in all our suites

  • Interaction with Nannies
  • Gentle Brushing (does not include grooming or knot removal)
  • Daily Monitoring of Emotions
  • Daily Monitoring of Health

We offer a variety of enrichment programs to suite each individual cat, please speak with one of our nannies who would love to tailor make your cat’s personalised holiday.

Senior Package

Senior Package is compulsory for all cats over the age of 15 years, this will be automatically added to your account. This cost is already included as part of the Orient Accommodation.
If for any reason we feel that your senior cat/s requires old age care then it will be implemented at the owner’s expense. This is in the best interest for your cat/s health and wellbeing.
At Cat Utopia Resort we realise that our beloved friends enter their elderly years at the age of around 12, and with this may come similar conditions to that of an 80 year old human. Though they may appear to be in good health externally, sometimes their body can be showing more than their age internally. Our Senior pet clients have intensive monitoring and recording to help us recognise any subtle signs that an unwell senior may show and enable us to quickly take action to treat any ill health.

Includes daily;

  • Intensive monitoring of health
  • Brushing
  • Walking and access to sunny areas for them to laze in the sun
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements when required
  • Specially prepared senior food
  • Step up bench for access to sleeping areas
  • Extra litter

Kitten Package

We realise that kittens do require extra attention and play time to keep them busy during their holiday! The Kitten package is great value and will ensure you little one has lots of fun and enrichment.

We highly recommend the Kitten Package for any kitten under 12 months of age. 

Includes daily;

  • Exclusive access to one of our Play Gym Areas
  • Cuddles and Play time one on one with our Nannies
  • Brushing
  • Interactive play toys within their Suite
  • Feeding up to 3 times a day


We require $100 non-refundable deposit paid at the time of booking made via credit card or PayPal.

* Please note that if your booking totals less than $100, you will only be required to pay your total booking amount. (For example, if your booking totals $50 you will only be required to pay $50 instead of $100 deposit).

By paying the non-refundable deposit, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

The remaining amount of your booking fee needs to be finalised on check-in. All fees are payable on arrival at the resort.

Cat Chauffeur

We have a Cat Only Cat Chauffeur available on request. Please see our Cat Chauffeur Page to request and to read additional information regarding this service. Or phone one of our nannies to discuss.

View more about the Cat Chauffeur.