Imperial Suites

Luxury & Space

Extremely Spacious & Specially Designed Luxury Imperial Suite

Included walks in the Lounge Rooms and visits to the Sanctuary play area free for all Imperial guests

  • Glass Panelling
  • Resort Style Furnishings
  • LCD TV Screens
  • Air-Conditioning and Heated Flooring
  • Peaceful Vibe and Comfort for all seasons
  • Interactive Toys
  • Access to our Luxury Kitty Cat Lounge and Sanctuary Play Gym
  • Large Window with views of our Natural Bush Scenery with Chickens and wildlife in full view

With over 30 years cat care experience we know that not all cats needs are the same. So we offer customised packages that can be designed by the nannies for your cat enjoyment & enrichment whilst on their holiday. Please speak with our nannies to customise your cat’s holiday experience.

Room Rate $42 per night

Second cat sharing from the same family an additional $18.

Fees are subject to variation without notice

Free morning before 11am Check Out

We do not believe in charging you a full days boarding if you are picking up before 11am.

Discounts for long term boarding

5% for cats staying 30-45 days and 10% for cats staying 46 days and over

Excludes Christmas holiday Period – These discounts are not available with any other offer

Luxury Kitty Cat Lounge and Sanctuary Play Gym Free access for all Imperial guests