Orient Suite

Purrfect for Our Senior Guests

Purrfect for Our Older Guests

The Orient Suite includes our Seniors Package

  • Lunch Time Feed
  • Brushing
  • Intensive Health Monitoring with additional Vitamins if needed
  • Walks in our Luxury Kitty Lounge
  • Air-Conditioning for comfort all year round
  • Numerous windows to look out onto our Natural Bushland with an abundance of wildlife to keep your kitty visually entertained

Room Rate $36 per night

Second cat sharing from the same family an additional $18.

Fees are subject to variation without notice

Free morning before 11am Check Out

We do not believe in charging you a full days boarding if you are picking up before 11am.

Discounts for long term boarding

5% for cats staying 30-45 days and 10% for cats staying 46 days and over

Excludes Christmas holiday Period – These discounts are not available with any other offer


At Cat Utopia Resort & Spa we realise that our beloved friends enter their elderly years at the age of around 12, and with this may come similar conditions to that of an 80-year-old human. While they may appear to be in good health externally, sometimes their body can show more than their age internally. Our senior guests receive intensive monitoring and recording so we can recognise any subtle signs that an unwell senior may show and take prompt action to treat any ill health.